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30 Paintings and How I Took Them From Good to Great

1 After                 The wave that crosses diagonally needed to be broken up in the right half, so I added a break in the foam. Also, the ocean side of it was too … Continue reading

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VIDEO – Sea Waves Splash

Paint along with Brian to create a seascape full of energy and lots of splash!

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VIDEO – Simply Paint Waves and Rocks

Painting Waves and Rocks is simple.  Have you learned how to do each on its own?  Here’s a demonstration to put both concepts into a single painting.

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VIDEO – The Evening Sea, Late Light

Painting the sea near sunset is tricky.  Paying attention to lighting, colors, and composition from the beginning is important to achieve a beautiful glow.  See all my detailed steps in this incredible demonstration!

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VIDEO – Still Life, Oranges on a Fine China Plate

This demonstration shows how to effectively use colors, including darks and impasto / chiascurro techniques, in order to create a light-filled painting.  Learn to paint still lives today!

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VIDEO – Waves Crash onto Rocks

In this painting demo, a wave is about to crash over a set of rocks.  Covers the basics of using odd numbers in composition, painting rocks and waves, and colors.  This is for all my fellow sea loving artists.

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VIDEO – Wild Crashing Sea

Paint the sea as it swirls, foams, and crashes wildly onto rocks.  Capture special effects like translucence and foam patterns.

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VIDEO – Colorful Seascape

Enjoy this colorful sunset painting demonstration, full of reds, oranges, yellows, and purples!

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VIDEO – Sunset at Salt Creek Beach

This painting features lots of grays and is a great tutorial for color mixing.  The beach is studded with many smaller rocks and is a great example of tackling complex numbers of shapes and a sky with clouds.

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VIDEO – Trees and Hills Landscape

Paint along with the in-depth, full-length demonstration of a landscape featuring trees and hills in the distance.

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