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We all use guidance to know where to turn when there are too many paths. Art guidance is about how you prepare, create, refine, and improve. Guidance is not about the technical parts of painting, it is about the bigger picture and enjoying painting more!

Lines on my canvas?

Does this sound familiar? I have been using gesso, sanding between layers, but I keep getting lines on the canvas There are two possible problems 1. Your brush is too stiff. You can get a softer brush, or what I … Continue reading

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Why You Should Paint for Fun

Painting for fun has been shown to relieve stress Painters should mainly be worried about whether or not they enjoy painting.  It feels good to know that your work is valued by matching it with a selling price, but that’s … Continue reading

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When Your Painting Doesn’t Sell…

We’ve all had paintings that don’t sell, paintings that we were proud to offer.  Don’t feel like you are alone, many artists have the same trouble.  If you’re proud of the art, keep it!  Why sell something that you enjoy … Continue reading

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The Most Effective Way to Improve Your Paintings

There are 2 main ways people improve their paintings. The first is with some event or occurence. The second is through a process. Events are great because they are exciting and fresh. Events offer immediate decisions and new ways to … Continue reading

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Defining Art vs. Craft

A recent blog post by another artist and author had an excellent, thought provoking series of comments. The one I focus on brings up the question: “What is art? How is it differentiated from a craft?” Perhaps craft is a … Continue reading

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How to Sell Your Art Online

Art materials are experiensive, it’s only natural that we want to sell some of our creations in order to help buy more supplies.  Plus, it always makes us feel good to be valued and have our work sought out.  Galleries … Continue reading

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How to Choose Paint

The rules for choosing paint are simple: Pay the most you can afford Limit the number of colors by learning what you need Try to get reviews from reputable artists For a good understanding of how to choose colors and … Continue reading

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Discovery and Your Artist Journey

We can never stop learning. The day after I write this post, I hope to find something new, maybe even something that goes against what I have written. The only way to improve as a painter is to paint. Enjoy … Continue reading

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The Secret of Beautiful Paintings

I think that few would argue over the abilities of Monet, Dali, Bierstadt, Rembrandt, or Sargent to create beautiful paintings, but with all the differing styles, everyone has an opinion regarding the secret recipe. The true secret to a beautiful … Continue reading

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Start Your Artist Journey

Make starting a painting a consistent process. First, something grabs you about a scene or object, and sucks you in. You know that you need to paint it. You have to determine what is so captivating about the image you … Continue reading

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