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30 Paintings and How I Took Them From Good to Great

1 After                 The wave that crosses diagonally needed to be broken up in the right half, so I added a break in the foam. Also, the ocean side of it was too … Continue reading

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VIDEO – Advice on Shapes for Painting Waves

Learn how to make your seascapes more interesting with the use of shapes.  Discover why your paintings in the past appeared amateur or strange-looking, and how to fix it!

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VIDEO – How to Paint Skies and Clouds

Quick tutorial on painting skies with clouds

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VIDEO – How to Paint Rocks

Quick tutorial on painting rocks.

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Adding a Compositional Frame or Base Makes Stronger Paintings

Composition for most artists today avoids symmetry and seeks to create balance from unbalanced objects. Good composition keeps viewers interested and keeps them within the borders of the artwork. One effective method is to add a base that signals to … Continue reading

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VIDEO How to Choose Scenes to Paint

Thank you for watching this video on choosing images to paint. All of these images are free to use for paintings. Digital reproductions of any kind other than sharing this video are not allowed without permission. Painting is about understanding … Continue reading

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VIDEO – How to Paint Waves

Here are some videos on Painting waves

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How to Keep Water Flat in Your Paintings

Do you ever struggle with water that seems to fall right off the canvas?   It’s frustrating  to have a brilliantly painted ship with areas of water looks as if they are sloping or, at least not level.   Here is some advice for … Continue reading

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Paint Dramatic Skies

Here are a few tips for good sunset photographs since many of us start there, this is general advice, any modern digital camera will have these options: 1) Don’t center the sun (it’s bad for composition and the camera can’t … Continue reading

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Grays Essentials for Painters

Grays do a couple of things. First, grays enhance the warm and cool variations in a scene that make sunsets, sunrises, bright days, and moonlit nights so spectacular. Second, grays are necessary for keeping colors clean. Grays are crucial in … Continue reading

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