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Effective lighting means painting and even
exaggerating the way light affects a scene. We must paint the effects since we cannot truly make light.

30 Paintings and How I Took Them From Good to Great

1 After                 The wave that crosses diagonally needed to be broken up in the right half, so I added a break in the foam. Also, the ocean side of it was too … Continue reading

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How to Use Shadows to Make Light

Shadows can be used to make the light in a painting appear stronger in 2 ways. Tonalist paintings use value contrast, meaning black shadows make the white areas seem very bright.  This technique is somewhat limited, but always part of … Continue reading

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Highlighting Essentials for Painters

Highlights are an excellent way to dramatize lighting in order to make an impact. Highlighting is really any area of an object that is lit while other parts of the object are in shadow. It also tends to occur on … Continue reading

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Paint Aerial Perspective

Essential to lighting is an understanding of how light influences objects at different distances.  The atmosphere scatters light, typically making far away objects more blue.  More distant object will always be close to the atmosphere’s color, for instance, at sunrise, … Continue reading

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Paint Warm Light

As the day becomes later, the light becomes warmer and can be very intense when looking towards it. There are some easy steps to remember when painting strong light like this. Keep the light source area tinted with warm color. … Continue reading

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Paint Cool Light

At midday, especially during the summer months, daylight is actually very cool as well as bright.  Objects can become washed out as your eyes are blinded.  This is one effective use of lighting that can make viewers feel like they have … Continue reading

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