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Painting the Impressionist Landscape: Lessons in Interpreting Light and Color

Overview: This is not a perfect book, but the content is above average, and much is useful! Interpreting light and color are Griffel’s talking points. Yes, the explanations are written well, not left to the artist to decipher. There are … Continue reading

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Grumbacher Pre-Tested Artists’ Oil Colors

Overview: One of the best values in paint. Grumbacher’s artist line is affordable and consistently high in pigmentation, oil binding, and fluidity. These oil paints are excellent for artist and hobbyist uses. The line is full and many of the … Continue reading

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Hensche on Painting

Overview: Might be interesting, but the one page summary is adequate for most. This small book is an interesting read, which paints a very understanable picture of a great painting teacher.  Does it make sense the Hensche should single out … Continue reading

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How to Paint Like the Impressionists: A Practical Guide to Re-Creating Your Own Impressionist Paintings

Overview: The book falls short of its cover image. Susie Hodge takes on a master’s challenge – defining Impressionism, providing the best examples, and demonstrating how to achieve the same results – but her own skills might not be up … Continue reading

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The 5 Best Seascape Painting Books

There are many, many books on painting the sea out there. The very best tend to be found in libraries all over, and even used online. And it may be a shocker to some, but no Bob Ross, sorry! 5. … Continue reading

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How to Choose Paint

The rules for choosing paint are simple: Pay the most you can afford Limit the number of colors by learning what you need Try to get reviews from reputable artists For a good understanding of how to choose colors and … Continue reading

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